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Pet Seat Cover-with Bonus Dog Seat Belt-quilted Hammock to Protect Cars-durable Waterproof Heavy Duty Material, Back Seat Cover with Adjustable Rubber Straps, Guaranteeing Firm Grip During Travel. It Includes a Safety Seat Belt.

  • $ 3895

  • ABSOLUTE PROTECTION-Dogs hop around the car, spoiling the quality and smoothness of the seats. Our hard-wearing, strong seat covers ensure no damage to the seats of your hard-earned vehicle, so that you can savor every moment of his companionship during the road journeys. Our seat covers secure the car seats from fur, mud, sand, drool, claws and other damages.
  • NO DISTRACTIONS AND MULTIUSE-Our heavy-duty, qualitative dog seat covers ensure total luxury to the dogs while keeping them in place during the journey. This enables the driver to concentrate only on the road rather checking for the dog time and again, thus causing minimal distractions. This quilted hammock is not only for protecting car from dog scratches or dander, they are perfect for picnics, beach time and other leisure outings.
  • WATERPROOF RESISTANT. Our seat covers are manufactured using strong polyester and waterproof material to prevent the deterioration of car seats from dog claws, spills and dander. No Leakage Guaranteed. The seat covers are easily washable in the machines and brings no harm. The drool marks can be easily removed using a wet cloth, and the fur can be vacuumed.
  • GUARANTEE. 100% Money Back Guarantee. We promise lifespan warranty at J&D. Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. We carefully manufacture and procure the products to serve you in the best manner possible. However, if you are left unsatisfied for whatsoever reason and our product falls short of expectations, you can contact us to request your money refund.
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE AND BONUS DOG SAFETY SEAT BELT-Our hammocks are fully adjustable with elongated straps that can easily fit in most of the vehicles. It can fit multiple vehicles, including SUVs, Minivans and Trucks. Anchors are easy-fit and can be fastened tightly so that the cover does not budge from the actual position during brakes and turns. Comes with BONUS Dog Safety seat belt to keep your dog safe while driving. The belt is perfect for dogs weighing up to 60 pounds. The easy hook and unhook offer flexibility to the pets and they can sit, stand, bend, play and lay down without excessive stretching.