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About Us

   We are a small family business that started an E-store in 2008 when we see the opportunity for selling items online.  The first product we launch was dog jerseys.  After that, we expand our line to power banks, UV pet urine detectors, iphone 6 cases and Omega 3.  Our products has been sold for a lot of people in all states of U.S.   We have some of our products on Amazon in which our selling account is doing great and customers have given us good reviews for our items.  Thanks to our customers, we are growing our business day by day. 

We would like you trust on us and invite you to buy in our store.  We will make sure you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


   Our objective is to provide our online shoppers with an enjoyable, honest buying experience by satisfying their life needs with a quality product. We also focus in three other vital things product efficiency, good price and customer service. We also keep a friendly, creative and fair working environment. Our team aims in generating new ideas, respecting diversity, and doing hard work to attain our business goals.