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Dog Grooming Tools-Medium-Pets Up to 30 Lbs-Deshedding,nail clipper,rasp,flea comb, teeth massager, folding bowl,giraffe toy,

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  • MEDIUM SETS FOR DOGS UP TO 30 POUNDS. It includes 7 Items. DESHEDDING TOOL. It decreases loose hair from shedding up 85%. Removes hairs effortlessly with no danger to cats or dogs and it has stainless steel edges to reach the deep topcoat of your dog of cat. Promotes healthy Skin and shiny topcoat. FLEA COMB. Removes larvae's, eggs and fleas effectively and ensures your pet hygiene.
  • THIS SET ALSO comes with NAIL CLIPPER Trim the pet nail at 45% angle. Precise cut of your Pet Nails easily. It is made of high grade stainless steel with long lasting sharpness. No ragged edges, no need of filling after cutting, it has secure grip providing ease of use, Shaped to fit your palms and no need to holding it tight making you feel tired. Cut your dog nails after bathing for achieving better results.
  • NAIL RASP. Smoothes away the rough nail edges of dog nail and it also helps to remove unwanted calluses. It gives your dog a royal treatment and healthy lifestyle. Reduces the chances of corn. TEETH MASSAGER. Massages the gum and eliminates the chewing cravings for your puppies. Speeds the teething process and enhances circulation.
  • ADDITIONALLY, it includes FOLDING BOWL. Holds enough food and water that your dog will have in a day. It is collapsible and thus portable to be took anywhere along with your Dog or Cat. Great for travel, parks, outing and walks. GREEN GIRAFFE TOY. Promotes healthy playing activities. Strong and highly flexible for non breakage. It is non toxic, soft and fluffy.
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